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Goa Season and Off-Season

Though Goa is a all season destination, It looks stunning in some time of the year and dry in other times. Because of the beaches visitors come here all the time. Season and off-season is only considered when it comes to price of accommodation. Rates are high during the peak season and you can get discount prices during the off-season.

  • Goa Season - October to January
  • Off-Season - February to May
  • Monsoon Season - June to September

During the peak season between October to February, Goa is normally crowded and the rates of accommodations are sky high. Again during the christmas and new year times it is very hard to find even a room. People are in celebration mood and this beach state is fully occupied during this time by international and local tourists.

Goa Off-season is during the summer and not many people come here for the hot weather. So the accommodations are empty and the hotels and apartments offer discounts. But the sightseeing and beach activities are still open and less crowded.

Monsoon season in Goa is one of the best time to see the Goa. Because of rain, the trees and plants look greenery and the river cruise are at their best. Again honeymoon couples from every part of india can be seen everywhere in Goa during this time.