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Goa Tourism

Goa, probably the most happening holiday location of India, it possesses tremendous places of interest in its shores. Known for its lively and unique culture, Goa is definitely the destination to be. With amazing beaches, Magnificent churches, Greenish palms and clear waters, The immense expanse of the Arabian Ocean on the west makes up the awesome beaches for which Goa is well known. Goa has got a lot more to present compared to sun-drenched fantastic beaches to its tourists. Goa also has old churches well-known for their faith based value and architectural grandeur. It has charming temples, that are adored by all, and old vintage buildings of a bygone era developed with specific Goan architecture.

Goa is an exceptional location in which you can find a mix of traditional and contemporary facets of life. The beaches and the authentic scenery are extremely valuable in raising the significance of Goa. Particularly for sightseeing tour, Goa is the best destination to go. You will discover waterfalls, The Jungles , The Spice Plantations etc and they all are possessing its exclusive elegance. Not to forget showing up at the Goa carnival is an incredible experience. Folks from all types are likely to forget about their sorrows for the three-day fun filled event and really enjoy before the month of Lent.

Definitely Goa is a picturesque paradise with beaches being the biggest factor, However discovering enchanting traditional heart of the state is also something which delivers memorable experiences of a lifetime. Panaji, A historical and the capital city of Goa, Provides an original Portuguese effect that is difficult to surpass over. Gorgeous traditional temples, Awesome catholic cathedrals and a number of colonial spoils in the city provide you with a fantastic traditional feel. Traditions & culture that Goa pursues are extremely vibrant that put visitors spellbound.

A massive stretch of coastal region make this location a center for adventurous pursuits. Goa provides terrific opportunity to engage in top notch water sports. Para-sailing, Water skiing, Wind Surfing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Jet-skiing and boogie boarding these kinds of water sporting activities in Goa are audience satisfying. For party enthusiasts and dance freaks, Goa is the spot to be. Goa celebrates a number of unique and special festivals with full fun and cheer.