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Goa Flea Market

Goa being one of the busiest tourist activity areas in the country makes a perfect zone for various local merchants to put their goods up for sale and make most of the opportunity, especially during the peak season. The flea markets are a great source for one’s shopping needs with products ranging from designer clothes, handicrafts, jewellery, paintings, bags, leather accessories, shoes, cds, books, rugs, carpets, spices, wine and other food items. Tourists would also welcome great deals from some vendors and can also try their bargaining abilities against some uncompromising vendors to get the best deal possible.

The most popular Goa Flea markets are located in Anjuna, Arpora, Calangute & Mapusa areas. Most markets are held daily or weekly as usual while there are some special markets which are held only in the evenings as well as some which run on specific days.

Popular Flea Markets in Goa

  • Calangute Bazaar, Calangute
  • Anjuna Flea Market, Anjuna
  • Saturday Night Bazaar, Arpora
  • Friday Market, Mapusa
  • Fish Market, Chapora
  • The Mackies, Baga River