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Goa Casino

Goa Casinos are a great way to test your luck and stake your claim in the million dollar gambling industry. The games at the casino comprises of Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Flush, Casino War, Baccarat & electronic slot machines along with live entertainment shows as well as food & refreshments for the comfort of players.

Casinos in Goa existed way back during the Portuguese colonial rule in the Vasco area, which later diminished when India eventually took over in 1961. Gambling is illegal in majority of states in India but, Goa is one of those states where it is legal and the Goan Government fully supports and provides licenses to the numerous casino operators in the region.

The Goa Casinos are categorized into two kinds namely Offshore & Onshore Casinos. As Live Gambling is considered illegal in India, Offshore Casinos came into existence to somehow counter the laws against gambling. The Onshore Casinos are generally limited to electronic slot-machines/games only and are located inland and prominent in most five star hotels in Goa. Offshore Casinos on the other hand hosts all live gambling activities and are located on various floating Casino Ships & Cruises in Goa.

Popular Goa Casinos :

Goa Onshore Casinos

Casino Paradise at Hotel Neo Majestic, Casino Palms at La Calypso Hotel, Chances Casino at Chances Resort, Crown Casino at The Crown Hotel, Dunes Casino at The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort.

Goa Offshore Casinos

Most of the offshore casinos are found floating on the river Mandovi, here are a few: Casino Pride, Casino Royale / Deltin Royale, Casino Carnival, Caravela Casino.